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RATE         TYPE                                  TERM                 LTV                    MONTHLY COST




1.4%           FIXED                                 10 years             80%                       893 euros


1.65%         FIXED                                 15 years             80%                       627 euros


1.85%         FIXED                                 20 years             80%                       498 euros


2.15%         FIXED                                 25 years             80%                       431 euros


2.05%        1st 7 years CAPPED           20 years             70%                       508 euros


2.15%       1st 10 years CAPPED          25 years             70%                       431 euros              


2.2%         1st 10 years CAPPED          25 years             85%                       433 euros




Current sample rates are as follow for a loan of 100,000 euros excluding insurance costs;


Before you go to France it can be a good idea to know exactly how much you can borrow and a mortgage application can be done prior to finding

a property.  A loan in principle can then be done subject to a property valuation which does not commit you to any charges or fees.


A calculator table follows but as other factors as the number of dependents, employment type, your age etc. will be taken into consideration, this

is approximate and for general guidance only. Please telephone us for details on how to prequalify with one of our lending banks.



How much can you borrow in France? To calculate how much you can borrow in Euros:-


Take your gross (joint) monthly earnings                    £/$

Take 33% of this amount                                            

Deduct any monthly mortgage or rent you pay          

(You also need to add on all loan payments)                   ___________


This figure is the amount you can repay per

month on a French Mortgage.                                     £/$


To calculate how much this is in Euros

simply multiply by the current exchange rate    Euro_________




Current sample rates are listed below for a loan of 100,000 euros excluding insurance costs;

French Mortgage Calculator

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