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French Mortgage Client Testimonials









As an American looking for an apartment in Paris, I was trying to decide how to proceed with a potential purchase, when it occurred to me that it would make sense to have a mortgage on the property, even though I didn't need one to buy the property. I found the Templeton website and contacted Michele who asked all the right, important questions. She then guided me to assemble the necessary papers and proceeded to  take me through the mortgage process. Even though I spoke French, she was invaluable in my understanding not only the mortgage process, but the purchase process. Indeed, it was Michele who prodded the seller's lazy notaire when the transaction was going nowhere. If not for Michele Templeton, I would never ever have purchased my first property in France.  


From the time I first saw the website, until we had an application together with the necessary documents was only six days. In another week, the loan had received tentative approval. I've never had anything work so well in the U.S.


I subsequently used Michele on other transactions in France: another apartment in Paris, and a house in Provence. In each case, the questions asked were intelligent, and the necessary paperwork was easy to put together.  And in contrast to Citibank and Bank of America, which I've used for mortgages in the U.S., she never ever lost any papers. When the notaires were slow or stupid, she would contact them directly and whip them into shape. Quite honestly, I could probably have handled the mortgages on my own, but her fees were so reasonable in light of the time and aggravation she saved, I continued to use her services.


That all paid off when I was purchasing a chateau in the Loire. Once again, we prepared the necessary documents and this time  the notaires were unusually rapid in preparing the transaction. But this time the holdup was the seller. He was trying to do a simultaneous transaction, selling me the Chateau, and purchasing a different Chateau at the same time. He was worried because he didn't want to get stuck with the transaction if something went wrong with my purchase. Sensing his near-hysteria about the situation, Michele got him on the phone and told him (in her lovely French) that she had worked four transactions for me and that each had gone through and that this one was pre-approved and that he would not have a problem --- not to mention that there was no one else who would be able to close in sight. By calming him Michele really assured a transaction that could have gone awry and made both the seller and the buyer happy.


Any property purchase is significant.  One outside one's home country can seem fraught with uncertainty. Michele's knowledge and skill have allowed me to have the experience of property in France and I value her wise counsel as well as her hard work.


G Hamilton.


Tampa, Florida, USA,

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We really appreciate everything you have done to help us through the process and are so grateful for your patience and hand holding! You really have been a star! thank you again, Michele.


Ben and Kate S, St Leonards, UK. February 2020.



We can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put into making this happen. Without your diligence this purchase would not have been possible. Michele's personal connections with bank mortgage advisors really makes her stand out from other brokers. Not many French banks lend to American clients but Michele has a great relationship with a bank that offered us a very low fixed interest rate. Templeton is highly recommended for Americans looking for a home in France.


DN and FC, East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. June 2016.



Excellent advice on a potential overseas investment…Michele took the time to explain the complexities of the French Banking system as it relates to an SCI in a way simple lad like me can understand!! Happy to recommend her to friends on both sides the pond. Michele is based in the UK but has a great knowledge of the US and the implications for US overseas investors.    


C Treviss UK




Thank you for making the whole purchase process less fraught and for guiding us through the mortgage application stage by stage. It was a pleasure to work with you, we are now sitting on our new balcony having a large glass of red wine!


Mr and Mrs Rutherford UK

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